On Our Own of Montgomery County

Board of Directors

Hyun Martin

President, 2019-2021

“I Survived Childhood: A Memoir of Abandonment, Betrayal and Healing” is the story of Hyun Martin’s journey from post-war South Korea to a trailer park in Texas, to the nation’s capital. Her story is about a Korean immigrant, adopted by the family of a white American serviceman, who went on to grow up with abuse and incest in an alcoholic biracial household.

Martin was adopted at the age of three, and reunited with her birth parents as a teenager. She struggled to find her identity as a Korean immigrant, as an adoptee, and as an American in a family structure that consisted of constant stress and fear of further betrayal and abandonment. She built a life for herself after high school but did not reconcile the abuse she suffered until she became a woman in her ’50’s. Writing this book, working with support groups, and networking with fellow survivors she emerged with a mission: To try to end the culture of silence that allows incest and other abuse to continue.

Healer to Fortune 500 CEO’s, royalty, celebrities and artists, Hyun taught and traveled around the world teaching energy medicine and massage techniques. Hyun facilitates transformational workshops on healing the inner child work in Embrace Your Child Workshop, Becoming the Author of Your Story Workshop and Shift Your Life Workshop.

Today, Hyun Martin is a successful businesswoman, child maltreatment advocate, wife, and mother of two teenage boys. She wants to tell her story, not only to fellow survivors, but to their loved ones, and to help those struggling to find their way too.  She volunteers with Montgomery County NAMI and National NAMI Conference 2017.

Vice President – VACANT

Rossana Ballantine

Secretary, 2019-2021

Rossana Ballantine was born in Lima, Peru and moved to the U.S. in 1969.  Rossana grew up in the Rockville, MD area and graduated from Charles Woodward High School in 1978.  Graduated from the Washington School for Secretaries in 1979 and was hired by the U. S. Department of Energy in 1980.  After 40 years of government service, she will be retiring as an Accountant in December 2020.  Rossana has been an active member of the First Baptist Church of Damascus since 2016.  Rossana was an active member as an Assistant Scoutmaster of the Boy Scouts of America – Troop 93 from 1997 to 2004. Rossana has lived experiences with depression, borderline personality disorder and bi polar disorder

Rossana has two children, two dogs, loves cooking, shopping, playing bingo, spending time with family & friends and going to the beach.

Sarah Libby

Treasurer, 2019

Sarah Libby has been a part of the OOO-MC board since March of 2019. Born in Texas and raised in Montgomery County, she has spent most of her career working with seniors aging in place. In 2017, she entered into the medical cannabis industry where she helps Maryland patients find alternative medicine to help with a variety of conditions.

Ms. Libby graduated from Good Counsel HS in 2002 where she then attended Barton College in pursuit of her nursing degree. She lives in Gaithersburg with her two dogs, Freedom and Daisy. She also enjoys painting, cooking and service to others.